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Lifting an Overpass for repairs
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Overpass being lifted and supported by over 100 ORL 30/10 Lock Nut Jacks

  • Over 100 ORBIT Lock Nut Jacks were used in series as all the jacks needed to be precisely controlled at the same time. The jacks pictured here were all underneath the orange tarp seen in the center of the picture above. The environment was extremely cold (temperatures down to -20° C / -4° F) and extremely dusty and dirty. These less than favorable conditions are why the contractor protected the tops of the jacks with duct tape in order to prevent the dirt and debris from entering the jack.
  • In a job like this, where safety and reliability are the most important factors, there is no room for error; which is why the contractor chose ORBIT Single Acting 30 ton, 10" stroke Aluminum Lock Nut Jacks. These jacks are able to be disconnected from the pump for long periods of time while still safely holding the load because of their lock nut design.
  • ORBIT Aluminum Jacks are preferred by many contractors because of their extreme durability in all weather conditions as well as their lightweight feature. These jacks weigh only 27 lbs which makes them extremely portable and easy to work with, especially in systems like this where they must be positioned overhead.

There were approximately 25 ORBIT ORL 30/10 Cylinders placed in a row in strategic positions on both sides of the center support column of the overpass (only one side is visible here).

Each ORBIT jack had to remain outside in Winnipeg winter temperatures for up to a month, however since they are all aluminum construction, there was no chance of corrosion.

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