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Railway Car Repairs
McLenan, AB, Canada

Railway Car being lifted by 2 ORD 75/13 Aluminum Cylinders

  • The ORBIT Double Acting 75 ton 13” stroke cylinder weighs a mere 60 lbs.
    Comparable steel models weigh up to 150 lbs! In a job like this where the
    cylinders are constantly being moved and repositioned, weight plays a critical
    factor in the choice of cylinder.
  • 2 Double Acting Jacks were used in series because each jack needed
    to be precisely controlled, both separately and together
  • In a job like this there is no room for error, that is why the contractor chose
    ORBIT Double Acting Aluminum 75 ton Jacks.

The Railway Car is being lifted off the tracks using 2 ORBIT ORD 75/13 Aluminum Cylinders with custom extensions (6" is seen here). Extensions are available in 2", 4", 6", and 8" sections.

The newly available ORBIT Support Stand offers the extra stability needed when lifting such heavy loads. The Support Stand is available for ORBIT models ORD 50, ORD 75, ORD 100, and ORD 150.

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