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Transformer Re-location
New Westminster, BC, Canada

Transformer being lifted by 4 ORD 100/13 Aluminum Cylinders

  • The ORBIT Double Acting 100 ton 13” stroke cylinder weighs a mere 90 lbs. Comparable steel models weigh up to 205lbs! Needless to say, in a job like this where the cylinders are constantly being moved and repositioned,
    weight plays a critical factor in the choice of cylinder.
  • This transformer weighs 120 tons but is moved easily by the ORBIT
    Aluminum Jacks.
  • 4 Double Acting Jacks were used in series because each jack needed
    to be precisely controlled, both separately and together
  • In a job like this there is no room for error, that is why the contractor chose ORBIT Double Acting Aluminum 100 ton Jacks

The Transformer is being moved from a railway car to this truck using 4 ORBIT ORD 100/13 Aluminum Cylinders.

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