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  • Lock Nut Cylinders provide long term
    separation of the pump from the jack.
  • Lightweight Aluminum provides the strength
    of steel with the added features of portability,
    dependability and durability.
  • ORBIT Lock Nut Cylinders are 100%
    Corrosion Resistant
  • Available in 30 to 150 ton capacities
  • 2" to 10" stroke
  • Constructed and tested in compliance with ANSI B30.I


1. Heat treated Steel Saddle

2. Hard Anodized Aluminum Piston

3. Yellow Chromate Treated Aluminum Lock Nut

4. Standard Stop Ring to Prevent Piston Overtravel

5. Hard Anodized Aluminum Cylinder

6. 3/8 High Flow Quick Disconnect Coupler

7. Carrying Handle

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