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Orbit Manufacturing Inc. has over 30 successful years of hydraulic industry experience in North America. Most of this time has been spent in the servicing and manufacturing of hydraulic pumps, cylinders, and jacks. During this time we found that the most common problems with the industry standard steel hydraulic jacks is their tendency to corrode as well as the fact that these steel jacks are very heavy and difficult to handle.
In 1990 we began manufacturing these jacks in Aluminum with a hard anodized coating. In doing so we have virtually eliminated the problems of corrosion with a further benefit being the reduced weight. An Aluminum hydraulic jack is up to 60% lighter than a comparable tonnage steel jack without compromising the jack's structural integrity. We manufacture Single Acting, Double Acting, Double Acting Hollow Plunger, Single Acting Hollow Plunger, and Lock Nut cylinders ranging in size from 30 - 150 ton capacities and 2 " - 13" strokes. We are also open to manufacturing custom sizes for specific customers.

Orbit also manufactures a special line of Aluminum hydraulic jacks (ORBV & ORV) for the tire service industry. These jacks are capable of supporting up to 100 Tons while remaining stable even in undesirable circumstances. These jacks have the added benefit of having a base plate (30 & 50 Ton Models) and shut off valves. These valves enable the separation of the jack from the pump while still keeping the load supported; thus eliminating the need for separate vehicle stands (which in many cases are not able to support the same amount of weight). As with all our jacks, the fact that they are Aluminum with a hard anodized coating means that they can be easily used in the field for long periods of time with a highly decreased potential to corrode.

Since we began manufacturing our Jacks out of Aluminum many of our customers have made the switch from Steel to Aluminum. Some of the benefits they have received from doing so include: great reductions in their downtime and service costs, ease of handling, and much less corrosion and scoring, as well as the ability to handle the sometimes unavoidable situation of side loading.

We are already well known locally and are now looking to expand our distribution across Canada, the United States, and abroad. Some Orbit Aluminum cylinders can already be found as far away as Chile, Taiwan, Sweden, and Denmark.

We guarantee that these jacks will be much appreciated by the people that use them as they are just as strong as steel jacks but they are so much easier to handle. This results in much less back strain and subsequently less back pain for those individuals involved.

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