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  • Lightweight Aluminum alloy construction.
    Up to 60% lighter than steel jacks!

  • Virtually impervious to lateral load.

  • 3/8" high-flow quick disconnect couplers.

  • Constructed and tested in compliance with
    ANSI B30.1

  • Available in 30 to 150 Ton Capacities

  • 2" to 10" Stroke
PARTS BREAKDOWNS (pdf): OR 30 OR 50 OR 75 OR 100 OR 150
  1. Wiper seals out dirt and contamination

  2. Hard anodizing for extra protection against corrosion and wear

  3. One piece rod and piston for extra stability and less maintenance

  4. Balancing / Lubricating Grooves

  5. Heavy Duty spring for faster retraction

  6. Large bearing surface for protection against side loading

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